10 Journal Prompts for Stay at Home Life

On the first day school was closed for coronavirus social distancing, one of my daughter’s teachers recommended that students keep a journal throughout this time so that they will have their first-hand account to share with future generations. What a great idea! So I decided that part of our homeschooling-ish activities would be journaling time. I stapled together some printer paper for each kid to use as their journal. I also decided to keep a journal for myself during this time.

Each morning after breakfast, I update the kids on the latest COVID-19 local and world news and then we write. About four days into the journaling, it became hard to think of a new way to write about this time so I decided to create some journal prompts for us to use.

You can click here for a PDF printable of the prompts.

Here are 10 journal prompts you and your kids can use to reflect on stay-at-home life:

1. How is my life the same as usual? How is it different?

2. List and describe three different feeling words to describe this time in our world’s history.

3. What five things could you build or make today when you get bored?

4. What makes a house a home? What is the difference between a house and a home?

5. A lot of people think it is hard to stay home. They feel bored, frustrated, or disappointed. What would you say to encourage a person who is feeling that way?

6. How does stay at home life bring people closer together?

7. What books are you reading during this stay at home time? What are the major themes of these books?

8. Your friend is creating a music playlist for his stay at home time. What songs should he be sure to put on it? Why?

9. Do you stay in your pajamas every day or get dressed? Why? How does what you wear impact your day?

10. List and describe three things you are thankful for about your stay and home time.

10 Journal Prompts for Stay-at-Home Life

Do you have any additional stay at home journal prompt ideas? Comment below!

Happy journaling!

2 thoughts on “10 Journal Prompts for Stay at Home Life

  1. I love this! I am a homeschooling mom and for part of my son’s English, I have him journal every morning. I am always struggling to find prompts so I am going to save these to use!

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