My Published Works

Take It to Heart: 30 Days through Revelation

You can read the whole book of Revelation with confidence and understanding when you take it to heart.

Too often we read the book of Revelation with a narrow focus on the End Times. With this devotional guide, you will focus on what God wants you to take to heart for your life today.

Be encouraged to rely on the Holy Spirit for boldness. Be challenged to share the gospel with those who do not know Christ as their Savior. Be secure in Christ’s provision and protection. Worship God because of His justice.

Each section of this 30 day devotional includes a short devotion, key verse, take it to heart prayer, and a question for further study or thought. The guide may also be used for small group Bible study. Discussion questions and free access to short teaching videos are included.

Short Devotional Books

The book cover of Let's Eat, Giving Thanks with Jesus at Mealtimes, a Five-Day Devotional, available at
Do you give thanks to God at mealtimes? So did Jesus! Become more grateful and more godly as you take a devotional look at Jesus’ mealtime prayers. A complete five-day devotional with reflections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Available on as a Kindle book. 

Malachi book cover smaller
The Bible book of Malachi is God’s last word before the Word made flesh. What are the connections between the message of Malachi and the birth of Jesus?

Get a fresh perspective on the familiar Christmas story through this eight-day devotional.

Devotional Magazine Articles


I wrote seven devotionals for the Fall 2015 quarter for Light From The Word: “His Power, Not Mine,” “The Power To Change Lives,” “Use Your Gifts,” “The Spirit’s Power Over Sin,” “Love, Not Lists,” “Overwhelmed by Evil,” and  “Preserved by the Word.”

Light From the Word Daily Devotional, Summer 2016  -

For the June-August 2016 Light From the Word Daily Devotional, I wrote a series of seven devotionals on Acts 13 and 14.


My devotional entitled “Little By Little” appeared in the    Winter 2016-2017 issue of The Secret Place.

Magazine Articles and Stories


For the December 2015/ January 2016 issue of Thriving Family Magazine, I wrote a short parenting article on a simple way to divide up the chores called “Pick-A-Stick Kitchen Clean Up.”

babybug march 2017

My short story Garbage Day appeared in the March 2017 issue of Cricket Media’s magazine for toddlers, Babybug.

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