In partnership with my writing ministry, Read the Hard Parts, I speak from God’s Word finding simple truth in the complex parts of Scripture. I also speak about church life drawing on my experiences and observations from my 16 years as a pastor’s wife. 

Here are a couple of possible speaking topics, although I am also open to developing a new talk that will fit the needs of your group.

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Take It to Heart: What Revelation Taught Me about Ordinary, Everyday Life

Revelation isn’t only about the future. It’s written for life today. Find out what Revelation taught me about Christ, community, patience, prayer, and more. Take It to Heart can be a 12 week course, a 2-4 session retreat, or a one session overview of the book of Revelation and how we can apply it to our lives today.

Confidence in Christ for This Crazy Life

This life is crazy! Busyness, heartache, and hard times weigh down our spirit and frustrate our hopes. The prophet Habakkuk discovered confidence in Christ in the midst of his own crazy life and shares his experience with us in his short Bible book. Confidence in Christ can be a 1-4 session event.

Loving My Church Life: Rediscovering Joy and Contentment in the Body of Christ

Women love their church when they start to attend. After a time the honeymoon wears off because of a personal conflict, an unmet expectation, not fitting in, or being too busy in the church or out of the church. How can a woman regain this love for their church that they had at first? This retreat topic encourages women with Scripture, real-life examples, and practical how-to’s so women can rediscover joy and contentment in their church life.  

Praying with Power and Purpose

Do you ever feel like your prayers are ineffective? Or maybe you know prayer is important, but you don’t know how to do it. Discover how to pray with power and purpose effective as we examine several specific prayers from Old Testament prophets. This topic can be a one session, two session, or three session retreat topic.

Choose Wisdom: Finding Freedom in the Book of Proverbs

This is an overview of the book of Proverbs. Too often when women read the book of Proverbs, they get stuck in chapter 31 and view it as a massive to-do list that is impossible to accomplish. Is that really what Proverbs is all about for Christian women? This topic uncovers how God designed Proverbs to give us freedom in the fear of the Lord.

Digging Deeper: How to Read and Understand the Hard Parts of Scripture

This topic can be a hands on workshop or a traditional speaking session style. This topic goes over why we need the hard parts of Scripture and outlines a simple Bible study method so that women are equipped to read and understand Scripture on their own. I can also teach this topic for children or teens.

More Info:

  • I am also willing to create new retreat topics to suit your needs.
  • Please contact me for pricing. If you are a smaller church and you think you cannot afford a speaker, please reach out. I am willing to work with you. 
  • One thing I hear from retreat organizers is that they want the speaker to not just speak, but to get to know the ladies who attend. I am not the kind of retreat speaker who squirrels herself away in her room! I think that talking together and spending time together on the retreat is so valuable. I will take initiative to get to know the ladies who attend and to spend time with them.

In addition to writing and speaking, I keep busy with my four school-aged children. I love reading and crafting and have been known to run a few mud races, too. On a Sunday afternoon, after a wonderful morning at church, you will probably find me at home with my husband playing a board game or two like Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan.

Rachel has a degree in Bible and a degree in Early Childhood Education from Cairn University which means that she knows God’s Word and can explain it simply. 

Rachel also speaks to writer’s groups. See available topics here.

Interesting in having Rachel Schmoyer speak to your group? Contact her by emailing rachelschmoyerwrites@gmail.com.You can also message her through FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.