In partnership with her writing ministry, Read the Hard Parts, Rachel also speaks from God’s word, especially focusing on reading hard parts of Scripture and drawing out the simple truths for life today.

Here are a couple of possible speaking topics, although she is also open to developing a new talk that will fit the needs of your group.


Contend for the Faith: The Simple Truths in the Book of Jude

The book of Jude might be short, but there are some tricky parts. What did Jude mean when he told believers to contend for the faith? Find out how to contend for the faith without being contentious.

How to Read the Hard Parts of Scripture (without getting overwhelmed or confused)

Christian women tend to have their favorite go-to Scripture passages they return to again and again. There are also other parts of the Bible, the hard parts, that they avoid completely because they are too scary or too confusing to read.

The truth is that God has given us all Scripture to be used in our lives–even the hard parts! Learn the right mindset to have about the hard parts along with some practical tools that you can use in your personal Bible reading.

(Note: This can be a traditional speaking session or a hands-on workshop style presentation.)

Take it to Heart: Finding Simple Truth in the Complex Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation is not just about cracking the code of the end times. God’s intention in revealing the message of the book to John was that the readers would take the message of the book to heart and would be blessed. Find out what simple truths for today are in the book of Revelation without getting bogged down by every sign and symbol.

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