Hamilton Themed Dinner Party

I arranged the venue, the menu, the seating…

for my husband and me to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with a Hamilton Themed Dinner.

Over the past several months both of us have thoroughly enjoyed the Hamilton soundtrack.  We originally started to listen after our kids repeatedly watched Studio C’s lip sync version of Non-Stop.

Tim is currently reading the biography of Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow which inspired Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the musical. All 700 plus pages of it.

We created the menu by including bits and pieces from other menus we found on Pinterest and adding some of our own items.

Here is the menu we created:


Here’s the PDF for you if you wish to print it out:  hamilton-dinner-menu

Some notes about the menu:

  • My husband roasts his own coffee beans and brews his own specialty coffee so our espresso shots were amazing. This espresso shot was used to make an Americano. His home roasted coffee is available at joebyschmo.com.
  • If we were serving a group of people, we would have included more options for food like BURR-itos or perhaps A WINTER’S Cheese BALL. If we served alcohol, we would have had pints of SAM ADAMS.

What would you serve at a Hamilton Themed Dinner?

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