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Rachel Schmoyer is an experienced presenter to writer’s groups.

She can speak on the following topics:

Find Your Readers on Social Media

You have just poured your heart and soul into an article, blog post, or book and you are ready to let the world read it. How do you find your readers? On social media! Through this workshop you will find out the basics about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Medium. Find out how social media can be exciting for an author. You don’t need to dread or be daunted by it. Come with questions; leave with sheets of simple tips and strategies for each platform.

This presentation is focused on connecting with readers, not necessarily gaining large numbers of followers on social media. If you are interested in gaining followers, I highly recommend the Social Media Squad.

Getting Started with Copywriting

Businesses need writers like you to write content for their social media platforms, websites, and emails. Find out what copywriting is and how you can get started. How can you make your copywriting work a cut above the rest?

How to Get Started as Devotional Writer

Learn how to write short-form devotionals for various publications including how to study the Bible for a devotional writing assignment and where to submit your devotions.

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I appreciated Rachel Schmoyer’s presentation about social media to our group of writers. Her comfort with the audience and topic showed as she took questions from the audience and responded to others’ experiences. Rachel helped all of us to understand the basics (including lingo) of different platforms while providing ideas and tips to take our business on social media to a new level. We left motivated and inspired to connect with readers.

– Annette Whipple, children’s author, 

“I highly recommend Rachel as a public speaker. She is well-informed, presents useful information on how to successfully navigate social media and does it all in a very professional manner.”

–Walter Stoffel, author

I highly recommend Victoria Duerstock’s Social Media Squad. Victoria generously shares what she has learned about what works on each social media platform. She gained 50k followers on Instagram alone in a short time just by trying different approaches and finding out what works. I followed her instructions to learn best practices for Twitter, too. I personally have learned so much from her and I know you will too.

-Rachel Schmoyer