Trick or Treat Gospel Tract

Halloween is coming soon! In our family, my husband, Tim, takes the kids around to Trick or Treat in the neighborhood. I gladly stay home and hand out candy. A lot of the kids know me since I stand at the school bus stop with my kids and try to be a friendly face for all the kids’ morning.

Every year, I hand out a gospel message of some kind along with a big handful of candy. I had success finding good Trick or Treat tracts the first couple years.

Halloween Tracts Online

I have used:

My Free Halloween Gospel Tract

Last year I decided to create my own.

I try to use tracts that are eye-catching, have a simple and clear message of God’s love, and mention Jesus.

I wanted to make the one I created available in case you wanted to use it for your own Trick or Treaters or maybe to inspire you to come up with your own. You can copy and print the photo below or print it out in PDF form here: Halloween Tract 2016 

halloween tract 2016 screen shot

Trick or Treat Tract Tips

It’s cumbersome to hand out the tract and the candy separately. I like to use sandwich bags with candy and the tract inside. That way it’s easy to hand out to each of the kids. 

Please, if you use a tract on Halloween night, make sure to hand out LOTS of candy with it. Don’t be THAT house that gives out miserly amounts. Make them overjoyed that they came to your door so that they are willing and eager to see what else you offer–the Love of Christ!

What ideas have you used to share the gospel with your Trick or Treaters? Comment below! 

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