What I Watched This Year

As part of my end of year reflection, I am taking a look at what I listened to, what I watched, and what I read. I didn't keep a running list of every single thing I watched. These are the movie, shows, plays, and short videos that I remember watching this year. The Philadelphia Eagles … Continue reading What I Watched This Year

The 7 Joys of My Quarantine Life

I spent the first two weeks of our stay at home quarantine at the end of March 2020 in a state of shock. No one alive today has experienced anything like this total world lock down. I also grieved the loss of the speaking engagements I had lined up for this spring including a trip … Continue reading The 7 Joys of My Quarantine Life

10 Journal Prompts for Stay at Home Life

On the first day school was closed for coronavirus social distancing, one of my daughter’s teachers recommended that students keep a journal throughout this time so that they will have their first-hand account to share with future generations. What a great idea! So I decided that part of our homeschooling-ish activities would be journaling time. … Continue reading 10 Journal Prompts for Stay at Home Life