Shalom at Home


One late night coming home from Awana, my two oldest got into a fight. One blocked the door from the other which resulted in shouting and physical action. I yelled at them, sent to their rooms, and they lost their screen time for the next day.

After they were in their rooms for a bit, I realized, “Wait! I never really had them resolve their conflict!” Continue reading

Shalom in Psalms


Shalom in Psalms: A Devotional from the Jewish Heart of the Christian Faith by Jeffrey Seif, Glenn Blank, and Paul Wilbur is more of a light commentary than a devotional.

The Tree of Life Version

The real treasure of the book is the translation of the Psalms. The Tree of Life Version was translated by Jewish Christian scholars. The translation was easy to understand. At the same time, the word choice called to attention the first audience of the book. I don’t often hear from Hebrew scholars when learning about the Psalms. My understanding of the Psalms was deepened because of the explanations of the meanings of the original Hebrew words. Continue reading