Functional Fridge Magnets

fridge magnets

My fridge used to be lost under layers of reminders and art and pictures and who knows what else.  Sandra Felton’s book, The Messies Manual, preaches having a clear fridge.  I was apprehensive at first about letting go of displaying the children’s artwork there, but I decided to try it. She was right! It makes such a difference to have the tall, white, surface gleaming in the fluorescent light.

I now have only a couple things on there that give structure to my day.

First there is a chore chart for the kids. Then there are two pretty magnets both with schedules on them. One keeps track of which kid has which special subject on which day like gym, art, library, computers and music. (Funny. Three of them have computer on the same day. What are the chances?)

Secondly I have my chore and cleaning schedule. This way I don’t waste time deciding what to do.  Since this schedule is not on a scrap of paper but affixed to the fridge with a strong magnet it commands my attention and has authority.

To make the magnets, I used some fancy scrapbook paper that I had. Then I glued each onto one of those freebie magnets that you get at the dentist or a festival.

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