Who Understands Stay at Home Moms? Pastors Do.

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When I was a stay at home mom of preschoolers (I had 4 under 5 at one point) I felt a twinge of jealousy when my pastor-husband would go off to work.  I would grumble inside wishing I could go sit in a quiet office and accomplish things off a to-do list. But the more I listened to what his days really looked like, I realized that a pastor’s day isn’t too different than a stay at home mom’s.


  • Get interrupted a lot. They go into the day with a to-do list, but if someone needs attention, the to-do list is put aside and people get your full attention. Rightfully so! But it takes practice to make sure people are a priority in your heart above getting things done.
  • Feel the burden of responsibility to make good decisions because it will affect the well-being of those in their care.
  • Experience the joy of witnessing growth!
  • Have work that is never done. There is always something else to do. Not enough hours in the day!
  • Have repetitive duties. Laundry must be done over and over again. Sunday worship comes every week.

Understanding the similarities in our life helped me lose my selfish way of thinking that my life was so much more work than his.  Instead of complaining, I spent my words and time encouraging my husband to build him up. We were on the same team, caring for people and loving them like Christ loves the church. It’s just that the people in my care were much shorter.


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