What I Watched This Year

As part of my end of year reflection, I am taking a look at what I listened to, what I watched, and what I read. I didn't keep a running list of every single thing I watched. These are the movie, shows, plays, and short videos that I remember watching this year. The Philadelphia Eagles … Continue reading What I Watched This Year

What I Listened to This Year

On one of the podcasts I listen to, Emily P. Freeman wrapped up the year by featuring three short episodes on what she listened to, what she read, and what she watched this year. I have done end of the year posts about reading before, but I liked the idea of reflecting on what I … Continue reading What I Listened to This Year

A Poppy in Remembrance: A World War I Veteran and a Book Review

Every Memorial Day when I was young, my mother and I would attend a service at the local cemetery. The Boy Scouts were there to raise the flag. Local veterans were there in uniform. And a woman was there selling small, red poppies for us to pin to our shirts in memory of those who … Continue reading A Poppy in Remembrance: A World War I Veteran and a Book Review

Birthing Hope by Processing Fear

When author Rachel Marie Stone said she was on her way to Mali, Africa to live with her husband and her two sons, I was thrilled for her and her family and was looking forward to hearing how God would use them in that place. I didn't hear much through social media about their experiences, … Continue reading Birthing Hope by Processing Fear

Review of Reading People by Anne Bogel

If you already are interested in personality tests and analyzing personality then you will love Reading People by Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs. Darcy fame. I was initially drawn to this book because of the cover (yes, I do judge a book by its cover. Sorry, I can’t help it!). I was also drawn to … Continue reading Review of Reading People by Anne Bogel

These Happy Golden Years

My copy of These Happy Golden Years has seen better days. The rest of the boxed set looks the same. For awhile I toyed with the idea of buying a new set especially when I saw a large read-aloud edition. But there is something homey about reading the same copies of the books that your … Continue reading These Happy Golden Years