Organization for School Papers for Four Kids


Now that all four of my children are in school, I needed a system for organizing all their papers that I need to keep or fill out. But in an effort to keep my kitchen counters clear, I did not want any organizational system that would rest on a flat surface.

So I designed this denim pocket organizer out of two pairs of my husband’s old pants. I wanted to finish the project quickly and give it a scrappy look so I did aim for finished edges.

To hang the organizer, I used two clip-style pants hangers and two over-the-door hooks although I suppose command hooks would have worked, too.

Here is a close up of each of the pockets:

10353721_10152329317043295_6229882373616397600_n 10561535_10152329316933295_8776256697907215765_n 10610808_10152329316683295_18017508665016444_n 10615631_10152329316838295_6870489621593880020_n

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